Oakley, the company behind sports sunglasses, has developed a set to include a 1Gb MP3 player in them. The new glasses simply called THUMP 2 is based on the company's range of GASCAN eyewear.

“Creating the world's first digital audio eyewear required a new way of thinking”, said Oakley President Colin Baden. “The idea was to combine a music player with something you're already wearing, and do it in a way that eliminated cords and wires that dangle and tangle. We're now taking the freedom and convenience of our original invention to a new level by offering THUMP 2 with a full gigabyte of skip-free memory”.

Permanently attached to the frame with miniature, dual-joint elbow booms, the fully adjustable speakers can swing away whenever the wearer needs to hear the environment.

Songs can be transferred to the glasses via a USB2.0 cable that is included in the box and the THUMP 2 is Mac and PC compatible. The glasses will support MP3, WMA and WAV file formats and are compatible with Apple's iTunes files in AAC format.

Gadget lovers will be able to pick up the THUMP 2s in the US at the end of the month for $449. We are trying to find out whether they will be available in the UK.

We will keep you posted.