Got £25,000 ($50,000) to spare for an MP3 player? Thought so. Well if you have you want to head over to and pick yourself one.

According to the blurb, The Presidential is the most expensive player in the world, there is nothing like it (well certainly not since Sony ditched the Qualia range).

You choose between white gold and yellow gold for your exterior and of course the configuration of the set-in diamonds on the front. After that it's hand delievered to your door, none of this bung it in the mail business.

The specs, bar the diamonds, are the same as another player the company makes - the X2. This model features a 1Gb drive, video support via its large 65K colour screen and works with MP1, MP2, MP3, MPX, JPG, WMA, ASF, WAV, and AV formats. It doesn't carry the PlayForSure logo by Microsoft, but who cares about that when you've just paid for it what you would for a top of the range family saloon.

Of course, you aren't just buying the MP3 player, but membership into an elite club of other people who have got more money than sense. Members will also get to join the DJ community, so you can enjoy a range of benefits which go beyond the mp3 player, from the Class of 85 to our merchandise store, it becomes clear that its not just music and hardware, but everything in between.

Thanks to David for suggesting the story.