So let the rumour mill begin. Pocket-lint has just received an invitation to an invite only Apple event happening at the BBC Television Centre in London for 6pm on Tuesday 12 October.

The invite says nothing more than “One more thing...”

However the invite maybe a clue to what is about to be launched. The background is a theatre curtain and it's going to be hosted at the BBC. So are we finally likely to see a video iPod from Apple before Christmas?

Appleinsider has gone one step further suggesting that a video iPod has been seen:

"Although details are scarce, sources who claim to have seen the new iPod describe it as being similar to Apple's 60GB iPod photo player, but several millimeters thinner. The device reportedly sports a smaller click-wheel akin to that of the iPod nanos, making way for a larger, higher-resolution colour display that extends further down the face of the device".

Oh the excitement. Of course it could just be an announcement about Apple and its beliefs of High-Definition video, this being the supposed year for HD and all that jazz, but the rumour mill on the Internet suggests that the announcement is going to be the video iPod bombshell everyone has been waiting/hoping for.

What do you think it is? Let us know your thoughts and we'll add them to this news story. 

Either way come six o'clock on the 12 October we will know for sure.

We will keep you posted.