A German company has come up with a novel way of protecting your headphones when travelling. Called the earBuddy, its a carrying case for those white iPod earbuds, which have become the irreplaceable lifestyle accessory of the decade.

The ultracompact case (about the size of a jewelry box) has been designed specifically with the iPod earbuds in mind, but can hold many other earbuds as well.

It is coated with ballistic nylon and built to withstand 200 lbs. or 90 kg of force. The ABS frame on the inside lets you easily wind up the cable and store everything simply and safely in the smallest possible space.

earBuddy comes in two color schemes: a black & silver version with orange zipper and a discreet, all black version.

earBuddy is expected to ship in late September 2005 although a price has yet to be set.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks to Prylfeber.se/ for suggesting the story.