An American company is hoping that iPod customers will be too lazy to plug in a £3.50 3.5mm headphone jack to phono cable to be able to play tracks on their home hi-fi and opt for its $100 (£55) docking station instead.

The DLO HomeDock lets owners play their iPod's music through their home stereo, display photo slideshows on their televisions, and even dock their iPods to a computer via standard USB.

What makes it funnier is that you actually get the Audio connections in the box.

The one difference is that the DLO HomeDock connects to a TV via Composite or S-Video allowing owners to display their slideshows from their photo ‘output' capable iPods.

The DLO HomeDock is also a PC or Mac compatible dock for the iPod, iPod nano or iPod mini. It features a USB 2.0 port for easy syncing and charging to keep an iPod updated and ready to go. It also includes a standard AC adapter to power and charge your iPod while docked.