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(Pocket-lint) - Professional headphones marketed towards audiophiles, DJs, and music producers can be insanely expensive. That's why it’s truly satisfying when a brand releases a set of headphones to rival all other professional headphones at a fraction of the cost. And that’s precisely what OneOdio’s latest release - OneOdio Monitor 60 - does so so well.

If you’d like to purchase a set of professional headphones without breaking the bank, we give you five compelling reasons to consider the Monitor 60 today.

Perfect for DJs and audiophiles

OneOdio's Monitor 60 is designed and marketed towards professionals, such as DJs, music producers, and audiophiles. With Sony Hi-Res Audio verification, the Monitor 60 definitely meets the industry standards for accurate sound reproduction and reference audio sound. It’s perfectly at home in numerous professional settings, including recording studios, broadcasting stations, and post-production.

OneOdioFive reasons all audiophiles should check out OneOdio's Monitor 60 wired headphones photo 2

Dynamic and resonant sound 

The Monitor 60 is already being hailed positively for producing natural and balanced sounds. It comes with 50mm dual dynamic drivers that deliver impressive bass and accurately reproduce the music’s hidden textures and layers. Furthermore, the bass is controlled sufficiently, making it just as suitable for electronic bangers as for acoustics and folksy tunes.

Comfortable for extended sessions

For audiophiles, a headphone’s comfort is every bit as important as the dynamism of its soundscape. Music producers, DJs, and audiophiles generally have their headphones on for several hours a day. If a headphone isn’t comfortable, the impressive sound quality won’t count for much. The Monitor 60 is an incredibly comfortable headphone designed using advanced ergonomic principles.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 features extremely thick paddings on the head straps, so you won’t feel the urge to slide the headphone back against your neck. The protein leather ear pads can fit snugly around the largest ears, making them suitable for everyone. Furthermore, the protein leather material conforms to the shape of your ears, making it grow more comfortable with extended use.

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Noise cancellation and single-side monitoring

Noise cancellation is an important feature for music producers and DJs because they need to tune out the external world while making music. Most budget headphones generally come with pitiful noise cancellation, but the Monitor 60 can effectively silence all external sounds, even if you’re working in a busy part of your city.

Besides noise cancellation, the Monitor 60 also features single-side monitoring, an essential feature for DJs, producers, musicians, and singers. With this feature, you can simply flip one of the ear pads around to listen to yourself, so you don’t need to move the earpad out of the way. This feature clearly displays OneOdio’s commitment to curating a cohesive soundscape for professionals.

Extremely flexible for all head sizes

The OneOdio Monitor 60 has an extremely flexible design that you can easily adjust to fit heads of all sizes. You can rotate the ear-cups left and right for single-ear monitoring, as discussed above. Furthermore, the entire headphone can be collapsed down and folded flat, making it ideal for portability. If you’re a professional, you’ll likely be carrying this headphone whenever you travel, so its flexibility will undoubtedly prove useful.

All of the features and qualities mentioned above are certainly convincing reasons to purchase these headphones. However, the biggest and most important reason is this - the Monitor 60 is an extremely reasonable headphone, costing a fraction of what other similarly capable headphones cost. If you’re looking for a pair of powerful professional wired headphones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better device.