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(Pocket-lint) - True wireless earbuds are a dime a dozen these days. But few can pair excellent sound quality with a price that many can afford. This is where the UGREEN HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds stand out. These earbuds take s many of the aspects of much more expensive options and combine them into a package that's available for anyone.

UGREENHow the UGREEN HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds prove that you can afford quality sound photo 1

Everyday usability

True wireless headphones need to be able to be used every day. With a full 28 hours of playback time, you won't be worrying about running out of juice during the day. And if you forget to charge them the night before, the HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds can get an hour payback with only 10 minutes charge. They can be charged either in their case or by a USB-C cable.

To make sure everything is properly connected between your device and each earbud, the HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds use the most recent BlueTooth 5.2 standard. That means near-instant pairing and a reliable connection.

UGREENHow the UGREEN HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds prove that you can afford quality sound photo 2

To ensure that you can use your headphones no matter what you're doing, there's an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning that sweat and rain won't worry the earbuds. So you can head into whatever weather you like, exercising to your heart's desire while listening to your favourite jams.

It doesn't stop there, though, as the HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds make a perfect pairing to your digital working. There are two mics in each earbud that record and cancel out external noises, working with the cVc 8.0 noise-cancelling technology. This helps your voice come through clearer, no matter the outside noises. The mics also help cancel out outside noises for your own listening enjoyment so aeroplanes, traffic, or general household noises won't get in the way of what you're listening to.

Fantastic sound quality

UGREENHow the UGREEN HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds prove that you can afford quality sound photo 6

Headphones can have all the bells and whistles, but they need the sound quality to match. The HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds put the auditory experience centre-stage.

There's a 10mm driver in each ear, made of a PU+Peek composite speaker, allowing for a large, full-range sound. But the Qualcomm QCC3040 is where the heart lies. It powers the headphones, providing the wireless technology to connect the earbuds to the device seamlessly. The Qualcomm aptX technology further offers low latency that makes the listening experience as good as can be.

The comfort of the earbuds is provided by four different earbud ear tip sizes. This not only makes sure you are comfortable with the earbuds all day but also helps provide the best possible audio quality.

But what about controlling what you're listening to? Well, there are super easy to use touch controls that let you change songs, adjust the volume, or answer calls.

For only $49.99, the UGREEN HiTune X5 Wireless Earbuds stand out as feature-packed headphones that deliver the goods. You get true wireless technology, noise cancellation, and a charging case that also allows for super quick cable charging. It also helps that they look good too.