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(Pocket-lint) - Nothing, the new technology company from ex-OnePlus founder Carl Pei, will be launching its first product - a pair of wireless earbuds - in the summer, it has been confirmed.

Talking to Bloomberg, Pei confirmed that the wireless earbuds were a starting point, with plans to launch further products later in the year: "We're going to have multiple products throughout the year" says Pei in the Bloomberg interview, "and eventually we want to build it so these devices talk to each other."

While audio products had been suggested soon after Pei announced he was starting a new venture, a bigger picture is building up of the direction that Nothing will take. The company is aiming to build a range of products that are all connected.

At the launch of the new company on 29 January, the message was: "When sufficiently advanced, it [the technology] should fade into the background and feel like nothing." This feels like the sort of seamless interaction that Apple is known for - especially around its AirPods and the way they seamlessly connect to all your Apple devices. 

Exactly what else Nothing will focus on remains unknown for now, but it seems that there will be range of devices that want to blend into the background so you never have to worry about how they interact - it all just happens.

Headphones, however, is a tough market to break. Apple stole the march with its AirPods, offering a seamless experience for iPhone users, with instant connectivity to other Apple devices. It makes sense for an Apple user to stick to Apple products.

For Android users - which makes up a larger share of the overall smartphones market, albeit split between many brands - things are less clear and that perhaps presents a bigger opportunity for Nothing to exploit, given Pei's experience with Android from OnePlus.

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It's not exactly clear where Nothing will move beyond headphones, but there certainly seems to be money flowing into the company with GV - Google Ventures - confirming a $15 million investment. Tom Hulme, of GV, told bloomberg that Pei's "vision for smart devices is compelling" giving us some hope that this won't just be another accessories company.

We're going to be hearing more as the year rolls out, so stay tuned and we'll continue to update you on Nothing.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 9 February 2021.
  • Source: Alphabet’s VC Arm Backs OnePlus Co-Founder’s ‘Nothing’ Company - bloomberg.com
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