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(Pocket-lint) - Focal is well-known for its excellent-sounding wired headphones, including its closed-back cans such as the Elegia and Stellia. So it's no surprise to see the French audio company come out with a new model, called Focal Celestee.

The Celestee will go on sale for £999 ($990), promising out-of-this-world sound quality and premium craftsmanship, something we've come to expect from Focal.

The circumaural, over-ears have 40mm dome diaphragms, called M-shaped due to their cross-sectional profile made from an aluminium and magnesium alloy. Other specs include a frequency response of 5Hz to 23kHz, sensitivity of 105dB SPL at 1 mW/1 kHz, THD of 0.1 per cent at 1kHz/100dB SPL, and low-input impedance of 35 ohms. Audiophile jargon aside, expect proper tonal balance, complete with deep bass extension and precise mids and highs.

The earpads and headband are cloaked in semi-aniline dyed leather with microfiber on the inner side of the headband. You should get nice sound isolation with this design. In terms of colour schemes, the Celestee is navy blue with copper accents, and it has a matching hard-shell carrying case and four-foot cable. 

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Focal said the Celestee headphones will be available to buy around late February/early March 2021.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 29 January 2021.