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(Pocket-lint) - Nura is trying to get gamers to experience the joy of Nuraphone with the addition of a gaming microphone which converts the weird and wonderful headphones into a gaming headset

If you don't know already, Nuraphone is an intriguing headphone setup that offers a strange mix of in-ear and over-ear design alongside self-learning technology to deliver a unique sound personalised to your ears.

Nura promises that this same tech will deliver "uncompromised audio quality" as you game with an unparalleled immersion like no other. The addition of the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone means that gamers will not only be able to hear incredibly well, but also make themselves heard too. 

Using Nuraphone as a gaming headset should certainly offer some interesting results for gamers. With the dual isolation setup and Active Noise Cancellation helping gamers concentrate on what matters. The personalised audio should also result in a gaming experience like no other.  

The new Nuraphone Gaming Microphone also allows for easy controls, muting and compatibility with Xbox, PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and more. It'll be an optional extra purchase for current Nuraphone owners or can be purchased as a package to get your game on. 

The complete package will retail for $419.99, £369.99 and €429.99. While the microphone will be available to purchase separately for $49.99, £49.99, €59.99. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 6 October 2020.