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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever tried noise cancelling technology, you'll know how much of a gamechanger it can be. Whether you're trying to work out, get some productive work done, or just concentrate on your music, being able to phase out background noise is simply amazing.

The problem is, for some time now, noise cancelling headphones have been the preserve of really expensive and unattainable headphones, or have required you to wear bulky, over-ears headphones. ReduxBuds, though, offer a different vision of noise cancelling, which is affordable and lightweight. Find out a few reasons why you should think about pre-ordering these great earbuds now. 

Amazing noise cancelling

ReduxBuds pack in a full noise cancelling system that's powered by AI. It's an active mode, which means that it's constantly reacting to the sound conditions around you to make sure that it cancels out noise in the most effective way. 

This means that whether you're in a train station with low-frequency constant noise, or in the library with some students whispering to each other noisily, you'll be able to carry on completely undisturbed. It's amazing, and once you try it you really can't go back to normal listening. 

Transparency mode

Of course, there are times when you don't want to block out the world entirely, which is why ReduxBuds have an easy-to-access transparency mode. This lets natural sounds around you through, and it's perfect for work. You can have a meeting or order a coffee without having to take out your earbuds, before resuming whatever you were doing with noise cancellation. 

100-hour battery life

One of the most astonishing things about ReduxBuds is their battery life, which frankly puts the rest of the market to shame. With the power included in the charging case tallied up, you'll get 100 hours of use from your earbuds before you have to charge them again, which is a huge number. 

Plus, when you do need to power them up, the case supports fast charging to make sure that you can get three more hours of use from just a 15 minute charge. These are the sorts of figures that other, well-known earbuds can only dream of. 

Ergonomic fit

Another element that's completely key when it comes to making great true wireless earbuds like these is the comfort of their fit, and ReduxBuds again excel on this count. Every aspect of their design has been considered from an ergonomic standpoint to make sure that they sit in your ear really easily and nicely, while still giving a great seal for better audio. 

This also works really well with the dual beam-forming microphones built into the earbuds, which mean that as they sit unnoticeably in your ears you can easily take phone calls and record your voice without having to worry about whether you're coming through clearly. 

Built for life

Our final point touches on the day-to-day reality of using earbuds like these - they're going to be with you through thick and thin, rain and shine. That mention of rain is important, though. Many wireless earbuds actaully don't cope well at all with sweat or rain, making them hard to actually use every day. 

ReduxBuds are rated to an IPX5 standard for water resistance, though, which means that they're fine in even rough conditions. Plus, they're compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant, which means that when added to responsive touch controls you have a heap of options for how to control your audio. 

All these features and more add up to a massively impressive package, and you can pre-order ReduxBuds online here right now. Best of all, there's a pre-launch offer that takes them from their retail price of $250 down to just $125, a massive saving, so jump aboard now if you're interested in using them.