(Pocket-lint) - Fresh from launching the Xenon over-ear headphones at CES 2020, X by Kygo (yes, that Kygo, from the Whitney Houston track) has announced they're also coming to the UK. 

Priced at $199 in the US or £199 in the UK, the Xenon noise-cancelling over-ears are the key new release and look very smart in a grey finish, though they're also available in black and white. 

The Xenon offer up to 24 hours of battery life if you're just listening or talking over Bluetooth and you get 16 hours with ANC activated. Charging is via USB-C. 

The "X" branding that's being introduced across the line up is certinly distinctive and glows on the new models. Like the Apple logo on an older MacBook, the idea is to get brand recognition from a distance. 

Kygo's $229/£229 A11/800 over-ears were originally launched in the middle of last year, while the $149/£149 E7/1000 waterproof true wireless earbuds (below) and $80/£80 soft-touch A3/600 over-ear wireless headphones appeared in November.

X by Kygo

Rounding out the range, the $80/£80 Xelerate water-resistant neckband headphones offer eight hours of battery life. 

Some $299 Xellence true wireless earbuds have also been announced elsewhere but they're not coming to the UK as yet - they boast 10 hours of battery life each.

The same goes for the Grand Piano X1 Bluetooth speaker featuring Google Assistant which was also debuted at CES 2020

Writing by Dan Grabham.