(Pocket-lint) - Master & Dynamic - the headphone company from New York - has launched two new pairs of its awesome MW07 wireless in-ears: MW07 Go and MW07 Plus. 

First up: the Plus. As you probably suspected from the name, this is the premium pair of the two with the power and the high tech features. 

Like its predecessor, the MW07 Plus ships in a fantastic-looking shiny steel charging case, and has similar tortoise-shell aesthetics. More importantly though, its tech has evolved to meet 2019's standards. 

It begins with the all-important battery life: Master & Dynamic claims you can get 10 hours of music playback out of the case from the MW07 Plus, and 40 hours total music playback including the charging from the case. 

Master & Dynamic

For reference, the Powerbeats Pro - one of the most long-lasting current pairs - offers nine hours out of the case, and up to around 36 hours total. 

MW07 Plus is also equipped with some modern ANC features. You can use the ambient mode to hear what's going on around you, or switch on the active noise cancelling to remove all the background noise, which is really useful if you commute a lot. 

As for the MW07 Go, these are the more affordable sports-focussed version. 

Master & Dynamic says it's built this from a custom, durable and lightweight composite called TR90. They're built to survive your sweatiest workouts, and survive commuting in any weather. 

The earphones and the case are smaller and lighter than the first generation of MW07, and are water resistant up to IPX6 rating. 

Master & Dynamic

You get the same 10 hours of listening time out of the case, but the canvas-coated charging case it ships with provides just 12 hours extra: so just over one full charge in addition. 

MW07 Go is available to order now in Flame Red, Jet Black, Electric Blue and Stone Grey for £179. 

MW07 Plus is available to order in Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue, White Marble and Black Quarz for £279. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.