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(Pocket-lint) - These luxury Swiss headphones from Luzli have a unique design - they roll up into a ball so you can carry them around. 

Inspired by famed, Swiss-made watches, headband of the Roller MK02 and more compact MK01 are designed to be akin to a watch strap where each aluminium and stainless steel segment folds in for a good fit. 

When rolled, Luzli says its MK01 headphones are the smallest form-factor travel headphones in the world.

The wired headphones are designed to be long-lasting and therefore sustainable because any parts that can be worn - such as cables and earpads - are all replaceable, meaning that the headphones should last a lifetime, providing we're still using 3.5mm jacks on devices, of course (that could be a slight problem in, say, a decade's time). 

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In terms of the audio tech, Basel-based Luzli says it spent three years in development. Custom dynamic drivers were developed for the new headphones – 30mm for the MK01 and 40mmfor the MK02. Luzli says that the baffles, acoustic chambers, foam earpads and bass ports were all specially-tuned for these particular headphones.

The MK01 comes in a choice of silver or black, with prices starting at £2,880. The
MK02 comes in silver at £3,840.

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Writing by Dan Grabham.
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