(Pocket-lint) - The innovative audio tech company, Nura, has announced a brand new product it's adding to its lineup later this year. Called NuraLoop, these earphones bring the self-learning personalised audio profile technology to the in-ear market.

For those unaware, the NuraPhone was one of the first pairs of headphones to come with the ability to create a highly personalised sound profile for every unique user. By using sensitive microphones, it detects the reactions to various frequencies played in the listener's ears and then automatically adjusts the EQ and balance for that particular person.

NuraLoop features that very same self-learning engine to automatically measure every user's hearing. Except, this time, it's in a very portable pair of in-ears, rather than be in a big pair of headphones. Thus solving one of the NuraPhone's only issues - the headphones aren't particularly convenient to carry around, don't fold up and come in a rather large carrying case.


As well featuring the same personalised sound, they feature a touch-sensitive dial on the outside of the earbud, allowing you to tap, double tap, or dial to perform a number of different functions; presumably like playing/pausing music, activating the personalised profile or adjusting the volume. In addition, NuraLoop also has ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) to ensure that any excessive droning noises on planes/trains are kept to a minimum. Whether they end up being one of the best pairs of ANC-equipped earphones is yet to be seen (or heard). 

Utilising the same technology used by ANC, there's also a Social Mode, which is essentially what other audio companies might call ambient noise pass-through. It uses the external microphones to pick-up noise around you, and then amplifies it in your ears so that you can hear more of what's happening in your vicinity. It's particularly useful near roads if you need to be aware of oncoming vehicles, or if someone's trying to get your attention while you're listening to music, in a world of your own.

Nura says its NuraLoop is lightweight, comfortable and feels premium. Design-wise, it features a thick cable, which presumable sits around your neck, while the over-ear hooks mould to your ears and ensure the in-ear buds stay securely fitted.

They're water resistant, offer both wired and wireless audio, thanks to a magnetic, detachable cable and the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0.

NuraLoop launches later this year, with pricing and exact release date so far unannounced.

Writing by Cam Bunton.