(Pocket-lint) - Truly wireless earbuds are the headphone trend this year, so, of course, Skullcandy now offers its own option.

The budget headphone-maker has announced Skullcandy Push. These wireless earbuds previously leaked out, thanks to the FCC. Each earbud has a large button on the side, which is used to answer calls, control the volume, and switch tracks. The button can also activate your smartphone’s voice assistant to give the earbuds even greater functionality.

The earbuds only come in one colour, called Psychotropical teal, a neon teal colour with a name marketed toward gamers. They should last six hours without a charge and can get another six hours when placed into a fully charged case. For comparison, Apple’s $179 AirPods case adds an extra 24 hours.


Skullcandy does focus on making affordable devices and accessories for gamers, but it is still surprising to see it recommending these earbuds not be used during exercise, as they’re not waterproof. Hopefully your gaming sessions don’t get so intense that you sweat profusely from your ears. If they do, ignore these.

Skullcandy Push also auto turn on when removed from their charging case, and they will shut off when put back. The case charges over USB-C, rather than wireless, like Apple's rumoured AirPods 2 might. The Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds will be sold exclusively at Target in the US for $129.99 until 15 January.


After that, they’ll become available at select retailers. We’ll update when we find out more on the select retailers that will carry the product next month. Under its “Fearless Use Promise” program, Skullcandy has promised to replace any damaged or lost earbuds or the charging case for the price of $49.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.