(Pocket-lint) - The Jaybird X-series of sport headphones has been around for half a decade, and the latest Jaybird X4 pair levels them up with the best water resistance yet.

You could wear last year’s Jaybird X3 out in a rainstorm, or sweat profusely with them on. The Jaybird X4 let you do all that, but can also be submerged in water.

They have IPX7 water resistance, meaning the earphones can take hanging around in up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes.

But, no, you still can’t go swimming with them on.

Other features are similar to last year’s Jaybird X3. The X4 last eight hours off a charge, and a ten-minute blast plugged in is worth an hour’s music.

The Jaybird X4 are a light neckband pair, with a cable that runs across the back of your neck. And Jaybird has redesigned the stabilising ear hooks for better comfort.

As ever, you get a bunch of silicone tips including a special pair made of thermo-reactive Comply Ultra foam that moulds to your ear canal shape. These tips should prove extra-comfy, although they may not look too nice after swallowing a month’s worth of workout sweat.

The Jaybird X4 wireless sport headphones will be available from September, for around £109.99.

Writing by Andrew Williams.