(Pocket-lint) - Audeze, purveyor of high-end portable music players and headphones has announced Mobius, its first ever pair of gaming headphones. They're not your run of the mill gaming headphones though, as Audeze has used its audio expertise and employed some intuitive features to make them fully immersive and versatile.

The Mobius use planar magnetic drivers, the first gaming headset to do so, to deliver distortion-free sound. We've had some experience with Audeze's planar magnetic technology before, as they feature in the Sine, and the results are certainly impressive.

It's the Mobius' head tracking and 3D emulating technologies that really set them apart from the competition though. Put them on, face your screen and calibrate them and you can then move your head to track sounds in the game, whether it be bullets flying around you, or a rival car trying to sneak past in a race.


You're not limited to using them with games though, as you can listen to music and watch films and benefit from the same 3D effects. The Mobius will decode 2.0, 2.1, 5.0, 5.1 and 7.1 soundtracks, but because they don't physically have 7 speakers, they use 3D emulation technology to deliver a surround sound effect to your ears.

Audio is carried over USB for 5.1 and 7.1 soundtracks, but they can run wirelessly with everything else. They've been designed to be worn for hours or even days, thanks to a lightweight build, memory foam earpads and a memory foam headband. When in wireless mode, the Mobius can support AAC and LDAC codecs. The latter has been developed by Sony and can transmit up to three times more data than aptX HD for higher quality audio. 

The Audeze Morbius headphones are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, although they've already smashed their $50,000 target, to the sum of $662,427 at the time of writing. They're expected to launch in June for around $399. 

Writing by Max Langridge.