(Pocket-lint) - High-end audio company Audeze has introduced a new pair of in-ear headphones to join its iSine family. The iSine LX borrow much of the same technology found in the rather expensive iSine 10 and iSine 20, including the company's patented Fluxor Magnets and Uniforce voice-coil technologies.

However, unlike its siblings, the iSine LX arrive with a much more affordable $199 price tag. To go with the new price is a new design, so they're less Star Wars TIE Fighter and more modern-day in-ear headphone.

You would be forgiven for thinking that for $400 less than the flagship iSine 20, the new iSine LX will deliver a sub-performance, but Audeze confidently claims the new model is still just as capable of producing "astonishing clear, accurate and spacious sound with spectacular bass."

They're semi open-backed again, so can be susceptible to some sound leakage. But as long as you save your guilty pleasure songs for home and not on the train to work, it shouldn't pose you any problems.

Like the other iSine and Sine headphones, the iSine LX ship by default with a standard 3.5mm cable, but for an extra $60 you can change that for the Cipher cable, which connects to the Lightning port on iPhones and iPads. From our experience, it's a wise investment, as it incorporates a DAC into the cable, meaning means digital music from your iPhone is handled by the dedicated Audeze DAC, rather than the one built into the phone. Music quality is considerably improved and it even has an effect on voice quality during phone calls.

The Audeze iSine LX are made - and exclusively sold - in the US in California using the company's newly developed automated driver-manufacturing process and can be ordered now for $199.

Writing by Max Langridge.