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(Pocket-lint) - If you have kids, around about this time of year, you're going to start getting requests for all the cool toys and gadgets they're wanting to place on their Christmas lists. If you're wanting an inexpensive pair of cool, child-friendly headphones, the Mindkoo Unicat might just be the perfect pair. 

For a start, they have cats ears on them and which child wouldn't want a pair of headphones with cat ears? If that wasn't enough excitement, they light up when powered on and in use, as do the ear cups. Earphones that light up AND have cat ears?! It's a winning combination for any child. 

Of course, for the parent, it means they can have an indoor disco complete with lights and their favourite music, without blaring their music through the entire house. 

mindkooMindkoo Headphones image 2

As well as being designed to look unbelievably cool, they're made for comfort and portability too. The soft cushioning around the earcups and under the headband ensures they're easy to wear, and while you don't want your kids wearing them for hours on end, at least you know the time spent with them will be a comfy one. 

There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" headphone, which is why the headband is also adjustable. This ensures it'll can be extended or shortened to match the head of the wearer. 

What's more, the hinges mean you can fold them to carry them around easily, without damaging them and there are four colours available: electric rose, aerial white, pink dream and dynamite black.

There are easy-to-use controls built into the headset for controlling the music, managing calls and changing the lighting mode. 

It's not just about the design though. Mindkoo promises crisp high tones, natural midtones and plenty of rich bass to ensure that it's not only comfortable to wear, it's great to listen too as well. 

They're Bluetooth 4.2 compatible, meaning you can connect them to virtually any smartphone or tablet, and the battery can last for up to eight hours of listening (or five hours with all the lights on). 

And what does all this cost? At the moment you get this wearable lightshow for $22 from Mindkoo direct, and you can be in with a chance of winning one of 30 pairs by taking part in the company's giveaway. So, your kids will love it, and it's cheap enough to be a Christmas stocking filler. It's win, win all round.