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(Pocket-lint) - Australian audio company Nura has just announced the Nuraphones, the company's first product and possible thanks to many generous donations via Kickstarter. The company managed to raise just over $1.8m with only a $100,00 goal, clearly the Nuraphones have something different to offer.

That difference comes in the form of a self-learning engine that analyses your unique hearing and adapts the headphone's to best suit your ears.

The learning is carried out via the companion app available for iOS and Android and once your hearing signature is determined, it can be saved to its own profile. Up to three profiles can be saved within the app at any one time and when you put the Nuraphones on, because it knows your unique hearing, it automatically selects your profile.

NuraNura launches Nuraphones with intelligent acoustic learning technology image 2

You may have noticed from the pictures that the Nuraphones don't look like ordinary headphones, but are rather a mash-up of over-ear and in-ear pairs. Nura calls this design Inova, which splits the frequencies between the two headphone styles.

Mids and highs are channelled through the in-ear piece, while bass is taken care of by the over-ear driver. The level of immersion with tracks can be adjusted via the app, and you won't be bothered by anything or anyone around you thanks to their dual noise isolation design.

Nuraphones can connect to compatible devices via aptX HD Bluetooth for wireless streaming, or all manner of wired connections thanks to a universal port. This supports USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB, Lightning and 3.5mm auxiliary. The built-in rechargeable battery, necessary for the sound adaptation technology to work, promises 20 hours of life.

Everything is housed within lightweight aluminium ear cups, connected via a stainless steel headband. A soft silicone material has been wrapped over the ear cups for extra comfort and a built-in ventilation system helps to keep your ears cool.

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The Nuraphones are available now from Nura for £349.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 3 October 2017.