(Pocket-lint) - Bragi has announced that it will be rolling out a software update in October that will see Amazon's Alexa voice-assistant come to its Dash Pro and Dash wire-free in-ear headphones.

Following the update, the Dash and Dash Pro will be the first completely wire-free headphones to have built-in support for Alexa.

Not only will having Alexa support mean you can control music playback using your voice, but you will also be able to carry out all the usual Alexa commands, such as controlling smart home connected products, ordering groceries and finding out the day's weather.

You can already use voice-assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant with Bragi's in-ear headphones, provided you have them connected to an iPhone or an Android phone with Google Assistant built-in.

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The addition of Alexa will open up voice-control to a lot more users, as all you'll need to do is make sure you have the latest versions of the Alexa and Bragi apps.

We were very impressed with the Bragi Dash Pro when we reviewed them, even going as far to saying they're some of the best wire-free in-ear headphones available right now. With the addition of Amazon Alexa support, we can only imagine they're going to get even better.

Writing by Max Langridge.