(Pocket-lint) - German headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic has a new pair of wireless in-ear headphones to bring to your attention, but only serious audiophiles (or those with high disposable income), should really take note.

The Xelento Wireless are expensive, there's no getting around that fact. At £1,000, you will want the best sound possible from a pair of in-ears. Beyerdynamic says that is entirely possible, as they use miniaturised Tesla transducers, and are made at the company's headquarters. This means that several stages of the Xelento's production is done by hand, and specially made machines are able to wind the incredibly small voice coils.

They use Qualcomm's aptX HD codec to give the best possible sound over a wireless stream, but you will need to make sure you have a device that's capable of transmitting it to make full use. LG's G5, G6 and V20 smartphones are compatible, as are a number of Astell & Kern music players, including the XB10 Bluetooth receiver.


If your device only supports Qualcomm aptX, or is an iPhone with AAC files, then the Xelento Wireless will still work, and promise to deliver the best possible audio experience.

Beyer's new in-ears feature ring magnets 16 times smaller than the ones found in the company's £900 T1 over-ear headphones, and the voice coils used claim an "impulse fidelity that is second to none among in-ear models".

They're not completely wireless, as there is still a cable connecting the earpieces, which runs down to an external battery pack. But Beyerdynamic says you'll barely notice they're there thanks to an overall weight of seven grams. Each pair is supplied with seven pairs of silicone ear tips and three pairs of Comply Foam tips, which attach to the angled ear pieces.


A remote control with microphone can be found on the cable too, for making and receiving phone calls, while the battery pack gives them up to five and a half hours of use.

The Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless are available now for £1000.

Writing by Max Langridge.