(Pocket-lint) - Bragi has introduced a new version of the Dash.

Dash is a pair of wireless earbuds that began on Kickstarter. Called Dash Pro, the latest $329 set works much like the original Dash but is supposed to offer better Bluetooth performance. The first Dash received many complaints about the easily-disrupted Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and the phone. The new Dash Pro will also offer improved audio and call quality and five hours of battery life.

Both the Dash Pro and the original Dash will now feature real-time language translation, too, thanks to Bragi OS 3.0, the third version of the operating system. Bragi inked a partnership with language translation app iTranslate to power the feature. Dash or Dash Pro users can let someone speak into their phone’s microphone, and then the app will transmit translated speech to the Dash/Dash Pro earbuds.

A Dash user can also speak in one language and have it audibly translated through their phone. Bragi’s new software comes preinstalled on the Dash Pro. Existing Dash users will be able to grab it later today. Other features included are automatic activity recognition for fitness tracking and a gesture-based interface that allows Dash and Dash Pro users navigate through menus simply by moving their head.


And, finally, Bragi has announced a “tailored” version of the Dash Pro. These can be custom-fit to your ears, if you're willing to pay $499 (about £386) and meet with an audiologist to have impressions made of your ears (appointment cost is included). Both earbuds are available to order in the US and Canada starting 16 May via Bragi’s website. Bragi said the Dash Pro will start shipping in two weeks.

The Dash Pro, which obviously competes with Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s IconX, should also be available in Best Buy and Brookstone stores in the near future. We've contacted the company to learn more about UK pricing and availability.

Writing by Elyse Betters.