(Pocket-lint) - You can soon buy an accessory to make Apple's wireless AirPods not-so wireless.

When the AirPods were announced last week, the internet was quick to note rather humorously that the headphones looked like electric toothbrushes when sticking out of one's ears, but a California-based company has developed a new product that makes them look like regular earbuds. This upcoming product could even help users from losing the pricey $159 headphones.

Spigen has introduced something called AirPods Strap (patent pending), which are currently available for pre-order for $10. It's a "tangle-free" cord attachment that affixes to the bottom of each earbud. They won't get in the way of the AirPod's microphones, and Spigen said they'll "keep your AirPods in place around your neck, in your pocket, or anywhere you can hang a strap".

As you can see from Spigen's product images, the AirPods Strap takes away that cable-free look and seems to keep the earbuds safely together. If this interests you, although it does take away from the whole purpose of buying cable-free earbuds, the AirPods Strap is listed as having a release date of 17 October. You can pre-order it from Spigen and Amazon starting Tuesday.

Apple's AirPods should be available to buy by then, too. The wireless headphones feature Apple's new proprietary W1 chip, allowing them to easily pair, activate Siri with a touch, and automatically pause playback on removal. You can read more about the headphones from here.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.