(Pocket-lint) - HTC isn't the only company partnering with Under Armour at CES 2016: JBL has jumped on the UA bandwagon too.

This partnership has resulted in UA headphones, engineered by JBL, looking to create the ultimate sports and fitness headset.

With Under Armour and HTC just announcing the UA HealthBox - a complete fitness and lifestyle suite - there's now a set of headphones joining the party too.

The UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate - Engineered by JBL, to use the full name, will track your heart rate and report the data back to UA Record, meaning you have an option aside from the UA Heart Rate or UA Band just announced.

The headphones are wireless, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and come with a 12-month MapMyFitess Premium membership (MayMyFitness is owned by Under Armour, sitting on the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform). 

The headphones are IPX5 rated, so they are sweatproof, and they will report your heart rate to your ears at the touch of a button, so there's no need to glance at a watch or band. 

If you're just after JBL Signature Sound and the convenience of them being free of wires, then there's a UA Headphone Wireless too, without the heart rate functions. 

The regular UA Headphones Wireless will be available for £149.99 by the end of February. The UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate will cost £229.99 and will be arriving later in the year.

Writing by Chris Hall.