(Pocket-lint) - The number one most annoying thing about headphones or earbuds is that, when in use, you can't hear a thing that's happening around you. Well, a new project on Kickstarter hopes to change that.

Called Batband, it's basically a futuristic-looking headband that uses bone conduction, which consists of transducers, to emit sound waves through the bones of your skull to your inner ear. The idea is that your outer ear will then be free to listen to people talk, cars go by, or whatever. You basically get to hear twice as much.

The Batband is being described as an "ear-free" pair of headphones. It wraps around the back of your head, with each end piece resting right above your ears. You control the device by swiping a touchpad or tapping a button on the end pieces. You can take or end calls, adjust volume, skip songs, and more.

Batband features three transducers, two of which conduct via the temporal bone, while the third one, located on the back of the head, conducts with the occipital bone. The headphones also include an integrated microphone so that the Batband can double as a headset when paired with a smartphone.

The studio behind the headphones, StudioBananaThings, has already beat its $150,000 goal on Kickstarter, with 39 days remaining. The early-bird units are gone, but if you pledge $149, you'll get a standard Batband.

Shipping is expected to start next April.

Writing by Elyse Betters.