(Pocket-lint) - There's a new project on Kickstarter called Headbones that aims to revolutionise the headphone industry, with a new Bluetooth-enabled product based on bone conduction.

James Talbot of UK-based Damson Audio has developed bone-conducting headphones that use your skull to amplify sound. Specifically, the headphones rest on your temporal bone and wirelessly transmit audio to your inner ear. The technology seems quite similar to bone-anchored hearing aids that have been around since the 70s, but Talbot noted headphones still haven't changed much in the last 30 years. He hopes his new product will shake things up.

Headbones don't feature on-ear cups or in-ear buds, meaning your ears are free to listen to your surroundings. Talbot said this type of functionality is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to hear music during workouts, for instance, but may also want to remain safe and alert to what's happening around them. The headphones will come with optional in-ear buds for noise cancellation however, should you ever want to shut off all that background noise.

Other notable features include an adjustable strap, flexible and folding arms, lightweight construction, dedicated control buttons, and a built-in battery for up to 10 hours of audio playback or 100 hours of standby.To learn more about Headbones or Damson Audio, including the company's popular Damson Twist and Damson Jet wireless speakers, watch the video below.



Damson Audio's new Kickstarter project only has 24 days left to go but has already surpassed half of its £50,000 goal. To get on the waiting list for a pair of Headbones starting today, you can pledge £75. You'll then receive a pair of Headbones in carbon Fibre finish by October 2014 - if the project meets its entire fund-raising goal on Kickstarter.

Writing by Elyse Betters.