(Pocket-lint) - Apple is allegedly spitting feathers over the original leak that it is considering buying music hardware and streaming brand Beats Electronics, Dr Dre's subsequent foul-mouthed boasts about the deal too.

According to US music charts company Billboard, sources say that while the acquisition is still being considered, Apple is uncomfortable with the circumstances surrounding the buyout. Especially the amount of publicity it has been getting since the information was leaked to the press.

Its sources have consistently said that the deal is imminent and will be officially announced, however suggested deadlines have since come and gone.

It says that the Apple family "near imploded with outrage" when Tyrese Gibson's video was posted on Facebook, with Dre stating on camera that he will be the first "motherf***ing hip-hop billionaire". There are also concerns, claims Billboard, over current Beats owners Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine's suitability to be executives at Apple. Sources suggest that they could be permanent consultants rather than full-time employees if the deal still goes ahead.

What is more likely to be slowing down the deal though is the $3.2 billion valuation. Billboard says that it heard of the company being valued at $200 million before Apple's interest, which is $3 billion less than reported.

Whatever the issue, the same sources now say that all will become clear this week.

Writing by Rik Henderson.