Damson has announced it's first over-the-ear headphones that wirelessly transmit music to your inner ear through vibrations.

The Damson Headbones rest on the temporal bone behind or in front of the ear, where vibrations are sent through the skull to the cochlea to be heard. Much like the audio system used by Google Glass, these transmit sound while keeping your ears clear to hear what's going on around you.

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Damson's Incisor Diffusion Technology avoids the use of cone speakers, replacing the magnetic coil with teeth and allowing the sound to radiate through the temporal bone to the inner ear.

The Headbones connect to any device using Bluetooth and last for 8 hours on a charge via micro-USB.

James Talbot, Damson founder and CEO, said: "With Headbones we are challenging the industry and consumers to redefine their perception of headphones as a mechanism that doesn’t merely send audio to the ears, but actually works with the structure of the ear and the skull, to maximise the sensory experience of sound and music."

The Damson Headbones will go on sale in June for £100.