What do get when you cross Grado Labs, Bushmills Irish Whiskey barrels and Elijah Wood? An exquisite pair of headphones, that's what.

In something of an unusual partnership, Elijah Wood and his DJ partner Zach Cowie worked with the Bushmills Irish Whiskey team to design these custom-made headphones.

They are hand-built by the Grado Labs team, using whiskey barrel wood from Bushmills for the bodies, partnered with a leather headband for a distinctive natural look.

bushmills grado headphones blend whiskey barrels and elijah wood for exquisite results image 2

The promise of clarity and deep bass rings true from the time we've spent using these headphones so far. What might seem like something of an usual blend results in a pair of headphones that offer a lovely rich sound and are incredibly comfortable.

Before you ask, no, they don't smell of whiskey, but they do come in a presentation box along with a waxed denim bag for storage.

These vented-back headphones will cost you $395 (£240) from turntablelab.com, but good luck getting your hands on a pair: they sold out on the day they went on sale.

We will be bringing you a full review once we've had the chance to put these headphones through their paces.