Focal, a brand well known to audiophiles, has just announced its Spirit Classic headphones. We particularly like that they come in a “Hot Chocolate finish”. But there’s way more packed in there than just a pretty colour.

These are aimed at real music fans so they’re built for many hours of use, featuring memory foam earcups and a soft ergonomic headband, they’re supposed to be extremely comfortable. And thanks to Focal’s expertise in micro acoustics they should sound good too.

The Spirit Classics deliver a detailed mid-range and linear top end for clear, open sound. The brushed and anodised aluminium with titanium/mylar transducers should ensure there’s no distortion in sound reproduction. And to match the metal innards that Hot Chocolate outer finish is also metallic.

If you’re travelling with them you’ll won’t waste time untangling cables as they come with an anti-coil cable that includes call management controls. They also come with a selection of adapters to suit whatever you need to plug into. They’re also optimised for use with the Naim Audio DAC-V1 for ideal digital to analogue sound delivery.

The Focal Spirit Classics will be available this month. Pricing is yet to be announced.