Gavio is to unveil Man Of Steel branded versions of the Metallon and Gruuve in-ear headphones ahead of this summer's blockbuster Superman release, directed by Zac Snyder.

Gavio's deal with Warner Bros is the real deal, so expect some super stuff to land this May. However, much like Snyder's cut of the movie, details are still under wraps - we've not seen pictures or full specs as yet, but we do know some info.

The Gavio Metallon Zinc - no steel to be found here, it seems - are super-strength just like the underpants-donning superhero himself. Then there's the Gavio Gruuve which avoids that headphone "kryptonite moment" by including a non-tangle cable.

Don't expect prices to be sky high either, as the original in-ears retail for around the £25 mark equivalent. Budget, but we just can't resist a bit of movie franchise tech tie-in. Here's hoping these in-ears look and sound good.