The last of the first wave of Ferrari by Logic3 headphones are now available. The company has released the Ferrari by Logic3 R300 cans that, like the T350 headset we went hands-on with in December last year, offer active noise-cancelling tech, but this time belong to the F1-inspired Scuderia range.

As well as ANC, the R300 headphones have 40mm drivers incorporated into a closed-back design, and the aesthetics stay true to the look and feel of Ferrari motorsports. The arms are made from robust machine-crafted metal, and the diamond-shaped grilles are based on by the grilles on the team's F1 car.

The earpads, while not leather, are made of soft, breathable material - the same as found on the pit crew-inspired P200 headphones we also tested last year,

Available in black or white, the Ferrari by Logic3 R300 headset comes in a two-way foldable design, matched by a sturdy carry case, and cables are included for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows devices, with in-line mics.

It costs £269 and is available from the Ferrari by Logic3 online store and select retailers.