Fans of New York can now express their affection for the Big Apple by donning the Snug I Love New York headphones, complete with iconic logo.

With New York preparing itself for Hurricane Sandy, Snug - a British company - has secured licensing for the logo, which is owned by New York State.

snug headphones emblazoned with classic i love new york logo image 2

It means the headphones are the only ones of their kind to feature the logo, which sits on the outside of the cushioned ear pads.

Available in pink, black, grey and white, the Snug I Love New York headphones are fitted with a 40mm driver in each ear, while the headband is also padded for extra comfort. 

The Snug I Love New York Headphones are available exclusively from iHeadphones for £39.99, though for a limited time only they can be purchased with a 30 per cent discount, which brings the price down to £28.