You know the score, headphones are big business these days with every company pushing its products in the £100 to £200 price range. Focal is no different, introducing the Spirit Ones, which have a whiff of Beats about them. The company has a different ethos from that of Beats Audio though: it wants to go for the audiophile market.

Originally these were available in black, but it seems the audiophiles wanted something that made them look cool - like the Beats crowd - but also had decent-quality audio. And so the Spirit Ones were born in white. These headphones should have a flat sound, with no overemphasis on bass or treble, which Focal says too many headphones have, to sound impressive when you first hear them.

Lots of impressive technology is used, such as neodymium magnets which offer "maximum flux density" - we're not joking, that's what it says. But we don't care what produces the sound, as long as it produces good sound, and that we'll find out when we get to review a pair.

The Spirit Ones are light, at 225g, come with an iDevice remote control and have closed backs. That's important for headphones you wear out and about, listening to music on open-backed cans means everyone can hear absolutely everything you listen to. And that can be a bad thing.

You get a hard case included, aircraft adaptor, mini-jack adaptor and a soft case too. The cables are anti-tangle as well, and you get one with the iOS inline remote, and one without.

They're expected to cost about £200 when they launch, but deals will no-doubt be available.