Headphone specialists Etymotic has branched out into the Android app world with its StreetSonics application which listens to your surroundings before enabling you to adjust sound levels accordingly.

The smart app becomes aware of the ambience around you, giving you the option to drain out or increase certain outside noise levels via a virtual dial on your Android smartphone.

The StreetSonics app will work in conjunction with Etymotic's hf2-an and mc2-an headsets and headphones and will be available to all smartphones that run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread. It’s the second noise isolation app Etymotic has rolled out following the Apple Awareness! application, but the first on the Android platform.

The app was unveiled at the IFA event in Berlin and though it won’t be availale to buy until mid-September, existing Etymotic hf2-an and mc2-an users can register for an unlock code now by visiting www.etymotic.com/awareness

“Until now, noise isolation meant tuning out,” said Mark Karnes, managing director of consumer products at Etymotic. 

“When we launched Awareness! for Apple devices last year, we brought programmable noise isolation to market for the first time, changing the way people listen to music. Now, we are able to bring that same experience to millions of legacy Android smartphone devices in time for Christmas.”

Both the Etymotic hf2-an and mc2-an can be purchased now for £129.95 and £79.95 respectively.