If you bought your little prince or princess an iPhone for Christmas and are worried that they are going to blow their little eardrums listening to Justin Bieber on full whack, or walk in front of a bus because they're engulfed in some classic Professor Green then fear no more - because the Etymotic ETY-Kids3 child friendly earphones are here to save the day.

The revamped kid-safe buds have been announced ahead of a CES launch and pack a couple of key pieces of safety tech to keep your little 'uns protected.

The first is a noise-maximising function that allows youngsters to listen to 3 or 4 hours of music a day at full volume without causing hearing damage and with background noise blocking on board to stop them complaining that the sound is too low.

The second function is the Awareness app from Etymotic that listens to the users' surroundings and mixes any noise louder than normal background sounds directly into the earphones, so kids can hear traffic, announcements or any other important sounds.

The 3 in the name represents the three-button control and a mic designed for use with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - and it's been given the official Apple thumbs up too. There's also a non-3 version without the control and mic.

No word on UK pricing as of yet, but the Etymotic ETY-Kids3 will hit Stateside shops at the end of this month, priced at $79, or $49 without the controls.