Pocket-lint has been waiting its entire life for these bad boys to become a reality, as listening to music, a podcast or perhaps even an audio book is one of the few pleasures we have left.

However, as Mrs Pocket-lint grows ever weary of our Winnie the Pooh audio catalogue - The House at Pooh Corner being a particular favourite - some Bedphones should make the process all the more comfortable, for both parties.

Brought to the UK exclusively by iHeadphones, Bedphones feature ultra-light, super-slim earpieces that are cushioned with foam so the user barely feels them lying flat on his or her ears. The extra long (1.5m) cable is joined to the earpieces via earhooks made from mouldable memory wire, which provide a custom fit and ensure that Bedphones stay firmly in place.

There are also some pretty nifty features for those sporting an Android or iOS smartphone as you can download a free app called Bedphones Music Controller which turns the phone's screen into a big "pause and play" button, allowing the user to shut off the music with one tap, rather than fumbling for buttons in the dark.

Another function, called Smart Mode, turns music off automatically when the user falls asleep, while Timer Mode (Android only) lowers the volume then shuts off the audio after a set period of time. The Bedphones Music Controller can be used with other headphones, too.

Bedphones can be purchased through iHeadphones retail website (www.iheadphones.co.uk) at £26.99, and are also available via Amazon.