HMV and Ministry of Sound have teamed up in order to bring you, the lucky customer, a deal which could see you taking away a £5 gift ecard  with any purchase of Ministry of Sound's new headphone range.

The deal will be launching in 88 stores around the UK and on its website, and the promotion has appparently been inspired by an "increased consumer interest and growing retail demand for Ministry of Sound’s headphone range."

"Designed to suit Ministry of Sound consumers old and new, the range features a broad range of products, from entry-level in-ear headphones with fantastic sound and ‘on trend’ colours to classic over-ear designs. The headphones also offer curled cable sections - a design innovation influenced by DJs who don’t want wires to get tangled or hamper their ability to mix. Each product delivers crisp beats and warm, punchy bass with style."

If you're in the market for a new set of cans then this offer might go some way to swaying your decision, and a fiver is a fiver as Granddad Pocket-lint used to say... apart from when it's a gift ecard, that is.

The deal runs for 2 weeks, finishing on the 21 October.