Jawbone has introduced a brand new peripheral, called The Nerd, to its new Icon HD headset; the duo teaming up to bring wireless audio from your computer directly into your ear.

Sound waves have, of course, been doing this for some time through the medium of air, so why do we need the Jawbone set up? Well, within the confines of an office it can get a little annoying tuning into other people's audio, and so it's dab handy if you can get mobile calls, Skype calls and any tunes you may be playing directly into your shell-like without ruining everyone else's day.

The new Icon headset has been updated with a larger speaker and clearer audio than its predecessor and also features NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction - a military grade noise cancellation technology, just perfect for an office environment.

The Nerd device is a dongle that plugs straight into your computer allowing the audio to be sent to the headset via Bluetooth, and the kit's ability to pair with two Bluetooth devices at once is, clearly, a great feature.

The Icon HD headset measures 44 x18 x 25mm and weighs in at 8 grams, whilst the Nerd measures 28 x 15 x 8mm and weighs just 3 grams - talk time is around 4.5 hours.

The Jawbone Icon HD headset and The Nerd dongle are available now through Jawbone's website for $139.