Plantronics is hoping to tap into our need to be ever-connected, always-on, with its latest Bluetooth headset - the Plantronics M1100 which comes with its new cloud-based service, Plantronics Vocalyst.

Vocalyst is a voice-based software solution that is activated by dialling a local call number via your headset with your phone. Simply set your account up and then, whenever you say "call Vocalyst", you'll be able to tap into the wealth of features it affords to you.

Features include: sending texts or emails as WAV recordings (or as text if you pay an extra £3.50 per month), listening to your emails and text messages, recording reminders, posting audio messages to Twitter and Facebook, having your social network streams read to you, updating notes on Evernote, hearing your calendar details and also listening to news, finance, sports and weather reports via RSS feeds.

It's a service worth £25 per annum, but you'll get free access for a year with your M1100 - we hear it'll be bundled with other Plantronics headsets going forward too.

You can also team it up with a free iOS or Android app for extra features, such as an auto-text reply when you're on the road.

"In today’s online world, we want to be connected wherever we are," said Stuart Bradshaw, Plantronics EMEA head of consumer marketing.

"Whether it’s to reply to an email or post an update on Facebook, we require solutions that simplify this ability to multi-task, wherever we are and at anytime of the day. By including multi-lingual voice recognition in the M1100 and then adding the Vocalyst voice-and-text service, users are able to switch between calls, music and productivity apps such as SMS and emails simply by using the power of their voice."

As for the M1100 device itself, it also features some nifty voice commands so if you've got koumpounophobia, this could be the headset for you.

It's available now and costs £69.99.