Radiopaq has thrown down its latest budget-friendly headphones - the overhead cup styled Radiopaq Duos.

These cans are of the fold-flat variety, with swivel cups, so any budding DJs can look the part even if they haven't yet got the money that a big selling rip-off sorry, re-mix, can bring. 

Described as robust, the Duos feature 15mm cushions for comfort and 40mm sound drivers for audio quality.

Available in five colours, each with a name wackier than the last, ("High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black") the Radiopaq Duos are available now.

They cost a penny less than £20 and you can pick them up at Carphone Warehouse, ASDA, Argos and WHSmith, or online direct from Radiopaq.