It's not just the famous Mickey ears that are getting the attention over in Anaheim, California this week as the music device industry is gathering at the 2011 NAMM Show and doing some serious audio listening.

And Shure, the Illinois based company, has used the show to announce its latest personal audio solutions.

First up is the SE215 sound isolating earphones, which feature a newly developed dynamic MicroDriver and a detachable cable and offer enhanced bass.

"Rounding out Shure’s Sound Isolating Earphone line, the SE215 comes in at the lowest price point, but like the other models, maintains the superior sound quality, durability, and style for which Shure is known”, said Matt Engstrom, category director for monitoring products at Shure. “With the SE215, we now have a complete line of earphones with a detachable cable for audio and music enthusiasts at all levels”.

Next is two pairs of new headphones; the SRH550DJ and the SRH940.

shure sure about its new headphones image 2

The SRH550DJ model are professional DJ Headphones which boast a full range frequency response, comfort and durability, 50mm dynamic drivers that deliver extended bass, and supra-aural design for full isolation.

The SRH940 offer accurate frequency responses "for tight bass and smooth, high end extension with minimal distortion". These headphones are collapsible, and are a lightweight design with a premium padded headband that offers "superior comfort and portability".

shure sure about its new headphones image 3

“The Shure headphone line extends from our  heritage and performance in the microphone and earphone market, enabling studio engineers, home recordists, performers, DJs, and audio enthusiasts to benefit from the professional quality sound that Shure is known for”, said Engstrom. “Whether you’re interested in the SRH550DJ or the SRH940, our headphone offering has expanded to meet the needs of every user”.

No exact release dates are given as of yet but we know that the SE215 earphones will sell for £99.99, the SRH550DJ will also cost £99.99 and the SRH940 £249.