Mix-Style headphones are arriving in the UK via audio outlet HiFi Headphones.

The stylish devices feature designs that have been influenced by the colourful street fashions of Harajuku, Tokyo, and "blend expressive designs with fashion".

"The district of Harajuku is known for its vibrant fashions and love of the new gadgets. Now you can accessorise with distinguished design and colour to match your unique personality", reads the release.

"With Mix-Style headphones you stand out in the crowd while listening to your individual soundtrack of life".

Mix-Style headphones are available in 16 different colours and there's a choice of in-ear, over-ear and clip-on models.

They are on sale from HiFi Headphones from 31 January, with prices to be confirmed (in Euro-land, they cost 38 euros for the buds, 39 euros for the clip-ons and 55 euros for the cans, if that's anything to go by).