Radiopaq has just outed its Flex earphones, which are clearly aimed at the active-types that you might find at the gym, or jogging around the streets (the sweaty people pictured wearing the buds on the press release were a give-away).

According to the makers, the Flex earphones are "secure, lightweight and tailored to fit for use during
even the most vigorous sporting activities....Whether you are a professional athlete or a newbie to gym fitness".

They have semi-flexable ear hooks, so the buds shouldn't fall out whilst you're getting your sweat on and there are two interchangeable cable lengths (up to 1.2m) so should be suitable for arm or belt stored MP3 players.

Flex features a soft rubber silicone cable finish, and a gold-plated, 3.5mm stereo jack plug. The sporty earphones are also Apple friendly with certified remote chip and mic.

Available in a range of colours Radiopaq Flex earphones will cost you £24.99 and are out now.