Etymotic, the makers of high-end headphones, hearing aids and other sound related gadgets and gizmos, is planning on launching a new range of products designed for sporting hunters and people that just want to cut out the loud noise in their life later in the year, Pocket-lint has been told.

Called Blastplugs, the new device will actively offer the ability to enhance all noise under 85 decibels (dB) by amplifying it, as well as cancel out all noise above 85 dB.

The idea is that builders, tube workers, probably teachers and even soldiers could wear the specially designed custom ear plugs allowing them talk with others, without damaging their ears when it comes to firing their weapon, hearing kids scream in the playground or one of those pneumatic drills in action.

Mark Karnes, MD of the consumer products division at Etymotic, told us that the thinking behind the product was of the problem of hearing loss faced by thousands of people around the world especially the 50 per cent of US military soldiers who lose their hearing from being on the battlefield every year. The problem, means soldiers are going back into the field without the ability to locate sound, something that is a major problem. These plugs, it is hoped, if embraced by the military will stop that from happening in the future.

Where do you and I fit in? Well the good news is that Etymotic is planning on selling the same military grade tech to consumers wanting to hear quiet noises, but not loud ones.

In reality Etymotic has suggested that it is going to be pitching this at hunters or firing range fans, but we can't help thinking that the Blastplugs would be great for listening in to other people's conversations at work or in the pub.

Never again would you have to try and bend your ear to eavesdrop on a conversation.

The Etymotic Blastplugs are expected to launch later in the year.