Remember the big freeze last year. Of course you do, it went on for bloomin' ages.

And, with meteorologists predicting another long cold winter, you're gonna need some kit to keep you warm. And you could start with the Midland SubZero headphones, that have been designed with your iPhone and iPod in mind.

The SubZero headphones are wrap-around earmuff style cans, with the sound bursting out of the fluffy earpieces and a controller and mic on hand to take care of your calls.

Not only useful in the cold, these 'phones are also built with extreme sports and running in mind as well.

UK-based company Midland has done a deal with Firebox to get the funky headphones on sale in time for Christmas. They are going to be available later this month, priced at £29.95, or £34.95 if you want a leather pair.

There's loads of colour options available including red, yellow, pink, white, black and camouflage.

Pocket-lint has also got hold of a pair in advance of the launch so stay tuned to our reviews section for a comprehensive write-up some time soon.