Out in Berlin, at the IFA 2010 tech and gadget extravaganza, Klipsch has announced a huge wad of top-notch headphones with all manner of tweaks, enhancements.

Ranging from £39 to £129.99, these headphones come in the form of the Image S3, the Image S5i Rugged, the Image One, and the Image S4 and S4i - which have just had a small "enhancement".

The Image S3 come in at the bottom of the range at £39 and get an in-ear design. Apparently offering a major boost in sound and comfort over similarly priced competitor models they'll be available in gunmetal grey, red, pink or green. You'll get a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and the unit will come with three pairs of different-sized patented oval ear tips and a carrying case.  These will be available in October.

Taking a step up are the Image S5i Rugged, which as the name suggests are extremely durable and a good bet for active outdoor lifestyles. The Image S5i Rugged in-ear features a mic and oversized moisture-resistant three-button remote - dab handy for cold fingers.

Compatible with "certain Apple products" these headphones will cost £109.99 and are available in a black finish. They'll also come with three pairs of different-sized patented oval ear tips and a heavy-duty safety case with a built-in torch and removable belt clip. They'll be available in November.

Onto the Image One, and the main difference with these bad boys is the on-ear design making it the company’s first on-ear headphone. It’s also among the first to feature an Apple-based mic and three-button remote for taking calls and controlling music on iPods, iPhones or iPads.

Each lightweight, pivoting ear cup features premium leather and high-density memory foam for comfortable wear and superior passive noise-isolation, which blocks out ambient noise and provides enhanced bass. The headphones will cost £129.99 and will be available in November.

Finally we come to the update to the Image S4 and S4i, In terms of audio Klipsch obviously felt that nothing needed improving, however in response to consumer feedback Klipsch has enhanced them with a thicker grade cable, to minimise unwanted tangling, as well as new storage cases and packaging. The 'phones are priced at £69.99 and £89.99, respectively.

All the above can be purchased from a variety of retailers as well as www.klipsch.co.uk.