We're big fans of the Klipsch Image S4 headphones here at Pocket-lint towers, specifically because of the in-ears' audio performance for the price. So, we greet the news that the manufacturer has launched a new colour scheme - white - to the range, with the sort of enthusiasm a royalist might greet a visit by Prince Andrew, for instance. Not the Queen, mind, but definitely one of the others.

The new Image S4 and S4i headphones will hit stores on 7 May, with the latter featuring a microphone and music selection system for use with the iPhone.

"These headphones are in such high demand that we thought a new exciting colour option would further broaden their appeal", said Don Inmon, director of product development for personal audio at Klipsch.

Prices, though, will be the same as their gloss-black counterparts. The white S4 will be £69.95, with the S4i at £89.95. Both will be on sale at Apple stores, Amazon.co.uk and Klipsch itself.